Treatment for Veterans and First Responders | Now Accepting Tricare Insurance

Tranquility Woods Provides a trauma-informed approach for veterans with an emphasis on treatment, recovery, and reintegration. Our unique approach to addiction and mental health disorders provides the highest quality of trauma-informed care. Our policies and procedures offer a safe and healing environment for veterans and their families while in our care.

How do we address Trauma in our residential environment?

  1.  Our process begins with an individualized trauma assessment and screening with evidence-based techniques.  Our clinical team works with you to develop the appropriate treatment plan based on presenting and historical symptoms.

  2.  Our Client-driven treatment plan is put in place and specific treatment goals are defined with appropriate progress measures to track performance.

  3. Nurturing a trauma-informed environment with clinicians trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TFCBT) and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR).

  4. A psychological and physically safe environment with a unique holistic healing approach.  We offer Acupuncture, massage therapy, equine therapy, physical fitness groups, and more.

  5. Community partnerships and outreach for collaboration for post-treatment follow-up care are essential to our process.  We understand that the breakthrough work needs a solid aftercare approach for continued measurable success after our program is completed.

  6. Staff development and training in trauma-informed care are essential to our program.  Our entire staff undergoes continuous training to help encourage clients in our care.

We are a Preferred Out-Of-Network Provider with Tricare

We have the ability to utilize Tricare health insurance to cover most of the cost of care of our program. If you or a loved one are planning on using Tricare insurance to cover the cost of residential addiction treatment, please download and review the steps required to use your Tricare Health insurance.

Download Tricare Help Guide PDF