Massage Therapy At Tranquility Woods

Massage Therapy is possibly our most popular Holistic Therapy. We live in a world today that no longer teaches us how to relax both physically and mentally. Massage helps individuals, especially addicts, to connect with their bodies ~ addicts are often not present in their own bodies. Unlike most conventional talk therapies, massage is focused on the temple that houses our mind and spirit.

Massage helps with the physical and emotional issues of recovery, including physical pain, anxiety, agitation, anger, and sleep disorders. During withdrawal, the brain decreases its output of serotonin, dopamine and cortisol, which are artificially stimulated during drug use. These chemicals are responsible for stress reduction, happiness and energy. Consequently, recovery can be very uncomfortable. Massage helps to stimulate these chemicals, making early recovery more comfortable. In some ways, the soothing provided by massage, helps to replace the same feelings the drugs provided and allow for the mind and body to connect.