Luxury Drug Rehab in Maryland

Choosing the right rehabilitation center is paramount in making the detoxification process as comfortable as possible and in providing sufficient space for the individual to explore their addiction, suffering, and struggles in a variety of ways. Tranquility Woods offers addicts and their families a comprehensive addiction treatment program that is customized to their needs.

Not only are traditional addiction treatments available, such as family counseling, 12 step programs, and behavioral therapies, but we also include holistic therapies such as massage therapy, meditation, yoga, saunas, and experiential therapies, which have been proven to be vital to sustainable recovery. At our luxury drug rehab facility in Maryland, individuals enter into a secluded sanctuary where the passage to recovery is made as relaxing as possible.

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Healing more than addiction alone

Facing addiction is a difficult task, but it is not one that you have to complete on your own. Seeking a residential addiction center can help you or a loved one successfully overcome substance abuse while paving the way for many more years of sober living. At Tranquility Woods luxury rehab, we take every possible step to ensure the recovery of our clients with a number of comfortable amenities and holistic treatments that heal the whole person rather than the addiction alone.Keep reading to discover exactly what our facilities have to offer and explore the benefits of a holistic treatment approach. If you’d like to speak with us directly or would like to discuss admission, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call 410-885-6173 today.

A beautiful location to restore your life

Addiction recovery is a grueling and difficult process. That’s why choosing a rehabilitation facility that fosters a sense of calmness, luxury, and richness is beneficial to brighten and strengthen the overall mindset and process of recovery.Tranquility Woods is a 16,000 square foot luxury residential addiction center, which sits on 23 acres of protected Maryland woodlands with beautifully manicured grounds adjacent to our spacious indoor facilities.Outdoors, clients may enjoy a natural saltwater pool, fire pits, and a bubbling hot tub in addition to walking paths winding along the local creeks and wooded forests. Inside, no detail has been overlooked with rich décor and dedicated areas for our holistic therapies including yoga, massage, and infrared sauna sessions. No aspect has been overlooked to ensure a safe detox and a successful recovery plan.

Holistic services for addiction recovery

Holistic therapies are not designed to treat symptoms; instead, they focus on improving total mental, physical, and spiritual wellness for an overall improvement in a person’s health. In the context of addiction recovery, holistic therapies are incredibly beneficial because they can ease the struggles of withdrawal and provide addicts with more focus in their healing.


Massage therapy is one of the most popular holistic therapies as it helps relax the body and mind from feelings of stress, anxiety, agitation, and physical pain experienced during addiction recovery.

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Prioritizing relapse prevention planning

Our luxury drug rehab center was designed to deliver a high-end environment for addicts to recover from their addictive tendencies and any co-occurring disorders. While our location offers our visitors a number of comforts to make the recovery process bearable during the most difficult days, we know that preparing and planning for our clients’ departure back into “the real world” is absolutely vital to a sustainable recovery. That’s why we combine traditional addiction treatments with holistic therapies. Exercise therapy, yoga, meditation, and activities from experiential therapy are actionable practices and tools that prevent relapse from occurring. Our inpatient addiction treatment programs are guided by highly qualified licensed professionals who will create a customized treatment plan for every client.To learn about all of the holistic therapies that Tranquility Woods provides, in addition to the conventional healing modalities of Western medicine, or for New Admissions, please call  410-885-6173. For all Other Inquiries dial  410-360-6600.
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