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Family Counseling For Addiction in Maryland

If you or your loved one is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, then you completely understand the need for family counseling during the recovery process. When a person has been struggling with addiction, the addiction always reaches out beyond the individual. Spouses, family members, and other close relationships often are strained. Families struggle to maintain a healthy communication and trust begins to break down. That’s why our family counseling for addiction treatment is critical to the recovery program. If you want to restore the important relationships in your life that have been damaged from addiction, get in touch with our rehab center in Maryland. Call 410-442-6638 to speak with one of our understanding representatives.

How it Works

In many cases, family members, friends, and other loved ones are involved in an individual’s choice to begin a treatment program after staging some sort of an intervention. Keeping those who care as part of the recovery process is important for full rehabilitation.

At Tranquility Woods, we offer weekly Family Education, as well as Family Visitation. It’s crucial that family members become knowledgeable about addiction and learn how to support rather than hamper an addict’s recovery.

In addition, we work privately, through one-on–one therapy, to rebuild honest communication and allow for trust to return to broken relationships.

During individual and family counseling, addicts will discover and recognize the negative and false beliefs that have brought them to their current dependency. Family counseling is paramount to a healthy sustainable recovery. During counseling:

  • Therapists help with one-on-one sessions
  • Families learn how to communicate with each other again
  • It becomes clear how close relationships have suffered
  • Family sessions help to provide for honest communication and healing
  • Together, families recover together and rebuild broken relationships

Goals of Family Counseling

Family counseling is combined with individual counseling in order to work on the foundational and most important relationships an addict is a part of. Internal healing is one aspect of addiction recovery, but external relationships with family and close loved ones also need to be healed and rebuilt. This is fundamental not only to start recovery, but also to support and sustain abstinence from drugs or alcohol once the program at Tranquility Woods has ended.

While many of the difficulties faced by each family are unique in their own way, the goals of family counseling are to resolve any past or existing conflicts, learn to relate to one another in new ways, let go of expectations, rebuild trust and open up the lines of communication between all family members so that a healthier and better future is possible.

How to stop enabling an addict

Sometimes family members behave in ways that enable an addict. That’s not to say an addict’s behavior is your fault or you are to blame. However, because family members love and care for the one who is struggling with addiction so much, they can actually enable the addict’s negative behaviors, even when their hearts are in the right place.

During family counseling for addiction, we identify enabling behaviors. For example, cleaning up a mess the addict has made while they’re using or intoxicated or covering for their absence at work. When there are no consequences to their addiction, there’s no discomfort or reason for them to commit to change.

Start healing your Relationships

It’s important and completely appropriate for a family to become involved in the healing journey of an addict since they were affected by the individual’s alcoholism or drug addiction.