Experiential Therapy

Experiential therapy involves a number of different kinds of activities and sports that will help you experience and enjoy life in a way that you’ve probably forgotten about. At Tranquility Woods, we want you to enjoy yourself and (re)discover activities that relax and stimulate you. It’s important for you to recognize that life is joyful and interesting without the aid of drugs and alcohol.

From horse back riding and swimming to go karts and cooking classes, there is something for everyone to explore and delight in. Learn more about which activities are available here at our luxury rehab center in Maryland below. If you have specific questions about our program, call 410-442-6638 and our helpful team will provide you with the answers you’re looking for.

Recovery through experience
What have you always wanted to do? Go kayaking? Play paintball? Learn to paint or cook? With our experiential therapy program, you’ll be able to finally get the most out of these activities and use them to help in your recovery process. Recovery requires more than healing the mind, it requires learning to have fun again. Tranquility Woods offers an extensive array of activities, more than enough to satisfy every individual.

Recreational and adventure activities available
At Tranquility Woods, you’ll spend time each day doing something that relaxes or stimulates you. We believe a well-rounded person is a healthier person, and by partaking in some of the activities below you’ll develop and build interests in activities that don’t involve drugs or alcohol. You’ll be able to use and return to these activities after your time at Tranquility Woods and build a life that’s not centered around addiction or substance abuse.

For those individuals who prefer less stimulating or less physical activities, we offer enough options to fit every person’s needs. Oftentimes, relaxation is the best medicine.

Water sports
Agility courses
Ping-pong and billiards
Horseback riding
Minor and major league baseball
Putt-putt golf
Cooking classes
Art classes
Zoo trips
Movie night
Regular trips to the gym

Please note, these are activities we do throughout the year. You may not be exposed to all of these activities during your stay.

Along with these activities and sports, we also offer day trips away from the treatment center, including visits to Baltimore Inner Harbor, visits to Historic Annapolis, and visits to Washington, DC.

Benefits of exercise
Whether it’s getting into the gym to lift weights or taking dance lessons or hiking, exercise can have a major impact on the rehabilitation process. Exercise counteracts anxiety and depression, which are feelings and states of mind that can undermine treatment and recovery.

Not only does exercise physically change your brain and body for the better, but it builds confidence and self-esteem. While it may not provide the instantaneous rush that drugs or alcohol provides, over time it offers a diffuse sense of well-being that becomes a craving in its own right and has been proven to significantly help some addicts stay sober.

Nature nurtures addiction recovery
Tranquility Woods sits on 23 acres of protected Maryland woodlands, in which our visitors can explore walking paths surrounded by trees and flowing creeks. Getting outside and into nature can be a power form of experiential therapy. What’s the big deal about trees, sunshine, and fresh air?

Well, numerous studies have proven the benefits of nature’s ability to heal. Nature helps lower stress and stimulates feelings of calmness and tranquility. This can have a huge impact on curbing impulsive behaviors and improve decision-making. At the same time, nature can also energizes and invigorate the body and mind offering motivation and confidence in one’s self and one’s ability to recover from addiction.

Are you ready to step away from a life of addiction and suffering and take the first step toward a life you can enjoy and be proud of? Do you know a loved one who’s suffering from addiction that would benefit from our holistic approach to drug rehab? Call 410-442-6638 to learn more about coming to Tranquility Woods.