Chronic Pain Program

Chronic pain is usually debilitating and will consume one’s life if not handled properly. Additionally, chronic pain, like addiction, usually affects the family and in destructive ways. Chronic pain is unique, in that most pain patients are medicating to prevent physical pain that they have been suffering with for years. However, in many cases, the reality is that the original source of the pain is often no longer a problem for those patients. In fact, it is the emotional pain and the anticipation of pain that can be so debilitating. In other cases, the chronic pain has never been addressed effectively from the beginning. In most cases, opiates are not necessary and a pain-free life can be sustained by non-opiate adjunctive procedures and techniques.

At Tranquility Woods, our clients work with some of the top pain physicians in the country. They collaborate with our clinical team, comprehensive holistic program, nutritional and physical programs to provide a comfortable and sustainable recovery from the pain they so desperately fear.