Acupuncture Therapy For Addiction Treatment

Acupuncture is proven to help make the early transition of addiction to sobriety more comfortable with a respite to both physical pain and emotional anxieties that occur during treatment. Prolonged abuse of alcohol and drugs leads to the breakdown of many tissues and organs, leaving behind destructive toxins in your muscles and bloodstream ~ These toxins can cause physical pain and emotional trauma. At Tranquility Woods, we provide acupuncture treatments to help rid the body of toxins and chemicals left behind by chemical abuse. Acupuncture is a relaxing and highly effective way to cleanse the body, relieve stress, release toxins, as well as regain a healthy energy and balance to the mind and body. Our Acupuncture Therapy is offered two times per week, and is just one of the many holistic techniques we offer to treat the mind, body and soul.

How Acupuncture Can Help Addiction Recovery

Although acupuncture is not commonly offered at substance abuse treatment centers, it can do wonders to assist individuals on their journey toward recovery. Individuals who have abused drugs or alcohol typically suffer from a wide range of health problems, including the general deterioration of organs and other tissues. The result is a buildup of undesirable toxins in the body, which can further contribute to mental and physical problems. Acupuncture is one method that professionals at Tranquility Woods can use to help recovering clients eliminate damaging toxins from their bodies.

Individuals working toward harmony of the mind and body can benefit from healthy stress management techniques. One way to relieve stress is to have regular acupuncture sessions. In fact, growing evidence suggests that acupuncture is beneficial for those who suffer from anxiety disorders, chronic stress, and physical pain. At an inpatient drug rehab, individuals might combine acupuncture with other treatment approaches such as meditation therapy to better manage stress and other issues, which can in turn eliminate the desire to use drugs or alcohol.