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The Tranquility Woods monthly client experience review

Every Client that leaves our care is asked to give an exit interview. These questions help us at Tranquility Woods make the overall client experience better. Here is a breakdown of what we ask, and some of the comments given to us. This month’s overall score was a 4.8 out of 5-star rating. All reviews given are anonymized to ensure our client’s privacy is protected.

Rate your intake experience: 4.7/5

“Good…very nice, very warm, welcoming”, “My wife was very pleased. Went smoothly”, “Made it painless”.

Rate the experience with your addictions counselor: 5/5

“The sessions were good, Helped push me to open up…very informative”, “I got more out of his counseling than 10 other therapists combined. 3x a week. He has a gift for this. He made so many perfect points. I’m sad that i”m losing him.”

Rate your experience with your Mental Health counselor: 4.3/5

“amazing with grieving and giving advice and guidance on relationships”, “Shes got an incredibly positive energy. Very insightful and compassionate.”

Rate your experience with Sunday family visitation: 4.3/5

“Appreciated the flexibility”. “felt very comfortable, food was great. Felt like there was enough space for privacy but also to mingle and intro family to other clients”,”Always good. Really helpful”.


Rate your experience with the meals and food provided for you: 5/5

“Very Good! Thomas never forgot about me. so great Sandy was great. Cooking classes were great”, “Huge!!! Good food is so important. We could get by on marginal food, but during a tough time, good tasting food that was healthy really helped! Was very healing”, “All chefs were amazing”.


Rate your experience with weekend outings: 4.6/5

“Escape Room, Kayaking, So nice to get out! The days go so much faster. Equine was fun! Everyone had a great time Enjoyed the fresh air..”.


Rate the housekeeping and cleanliness of the facility: 4.9/5

“Everything was great.”


Rate the facility comfort: 5/5

“bed was more comfortable than the one at home :)”.


Rate your overall experience: 4.9/5

“I was in the right place!!!!!!” “We were never shamed, never chastised. The clients were so healing …the community with each other”, “Not an institution, felt like home”, “Great… I feel like I acquired the tools I need. Optimistic about the future for the first time ever.”, “Loves the holistic approach, touches mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, nutritional..”.


Additional comments:

“One on Ones were the most helpful” “This is the best thing I could have done for myself. The group dynamic was wonderful. Super glad I came when I did”. “I AM GRATEFUL”.


If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, please contact Tranquility Woods at 410-360-6600.  We are ready to help.