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Love Tranquility Woods!

| Patricia | La Plata, MD

I want to thank everyone at Tranquility Woods for the last 28 days. This has been an awakening for me. From the counselors to the chefs and all the other treatments I have a new look on life and look forward to my meetings and starting my hobbies that I have neglected for the past few years. Everything about Tranquility Woods is top notch! Thanks again!!!

I want to thank you and the entire staff at Tranquility …

| RPO, MD | Maryland, MD

Ellen, I want to thank you and the entire staff at Tranquility Woods for the awesome care you provided to my son Mike during his stay. Prior to starting the program, we thought we lost him to his addiction. Now we are starting to see the son we had before his addiction took control of his life. Through the family support provided as part of the program, my wife and I have a better understanding of addiction, what he is going through, and how we can cope and best contribute to his success. I thank you for that. I was pleased with the holistic approach to treatment at Tranquility Woods–working on all aspects of the clients’ wellbeing and not just focusing on the most obvious issue of addiction. Mike had been through an intensive outpatient program in the past, but that seemed to be a generic impersonal shotgun approach with little success. Addressing the contributing factors of self image, negative self-destructive thinking, social issues, nutrition, exercise, ect. is an important part of healing. I think one of the most important aspects of the program is how the clients are encouraged to accept responsibility for their situation, not passing the blame to others for their condition, and to take the responsibility to be in control of their own lives. I also want to thank all the counselors at Tranquility Woods–Luke, Stephen, Traci, yourself–for the no-nonsense yet caring approach and guidance you gave my son. Being a healthcare provider myself, I know that fixing the acute problem is only the first step. Maintaining that healthy state is just as important. I was pleased to see that even within a few days of his beginning the program, discussions were already underway about what it will be like when he leaves Tranquility Woods, what support systems can be built while he is in residence, where he will live, work, ect–all things that contribute to a healthy lifestyle and sustainability of good health and sobriety. The goal is longterm success, not a quick fix. I know that addiction is a medical disease, just like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, ect. Like any chronic disease, it doesn’t go away, but with ongoing treatment and support, it can be controlled where the person can live a healthy full life. All of you at Tranquility Woods gave Mike that first step in a lifelong journey to health. I thank you all.

They not only saved my life but allowed me to find new life …

| Susan A | Annapolis, MD

When I got to Tranquility Woods I was at death’s door. When I left, 28 days later, I was vibrantly alive and grateful. They not only saved my life but allowed me to find new life and true serenity. The staff is amazing; I loved my counselor and hated leaving!

From Hopelessness to Confidence

| Tommy H | Lovettsville, VA

I don’t even know where to begin because Tranquility Woods was such an amazing experience for me. I came in a little nervous to meet the other clients, of which there were a total of 7, but quickly I acclimated to our group because everyone was so genuinely kind and helpful. I have been to Father Martin’s Ashley, Caron Foundation (both in PA and FL) and four detoxes. I wasn’t sure if 28 days was going to solve my problem anymore than it had in the previous places I had been. (Of course you can stay longer–I did because I wanted to have a solid plan before I left.) The difference; however, was that I received one-on-one therapy with a counselor whom which I connected with so well every day for at least in hour. In these sessions, we realized I was more than just a raging alcoholic; but also an extremely codependent person which kept bringing me back to drugs or alcohol. The three groups a day run by different counselors really helped me to realize some things I had been holding back on and would have relapsed over. In addition, I received massages, acupuncture, a gym to use daily, and a wonderful sauna to sweat out the toxins : The conglomeration of all of these therapies and the camaraderie has helped me stay clean. I know it says luxury treatment center and trust me it is, but if you go in with an open mind you will be amazed how far you will come if you work hard.. I’ve already contacted the detoxes I went to and strongly recommended Tranquility Woods. I would be still holed up in an apartment boozing myself away if I hadn’t received the help I needed. On the other hand, I could be out smoking crack in a dangerous neighborhood or looking for heroin. The point is, most of us are cross-addicted and will do anything to get out of our emotions and our heads. Please if you’re willing to take the next step try Tranquility Woods. You will LOVE it.

The staff at TW are the most incredible, supportive, and and …

| Christie | Pasadena, MD

Before I came to Tranquility Woods, I was at my bottom. Never had I been at a lower emotional, mental, physical or spiritual point in my life. Just moving through my life was a challenge, and I say moving through life because in active addiction I was no longer an active participant in my life but a bystander going through the motions. To the outside world, it appeared as though I had my life together: the degree, the job, the house, the car, the seemingly perfect family. How could my life possibly be unmanageable? Even to myself this question came often: if all these things in my life seem to be in order and I have checked off the boxes, how could my life possibly be unmanageable? But inside I was struggling, coils of fear wrapped in coils of anxiety without any coping mechanisms to deal with life…except, of course, for alcohol and drugs. As life slowly filled with fear, worry, anxiety and frustration so too did I fill my body with these substances just to face my day. But then came Tranquility Woods. A chance Google search for something like, ‘East Coast in-patient drug rehabilitation facility,’ returned the result of Tranquility Woods. As soon as I called and spoke with Ellen, I could tell this was the place for me. I knew what I needed – a place of comfort, hope and support where I would be both nurtured and challenged to not only learn how to live clean and sober, but how to live life! The staff at TW are the most incredible, supportive, and and kind group of people. The environment of TW is like a home, not a clinical facility, where you can feel safe, comfortable welcome and loved in recovery. Tranquility Woods saved my life. Actually, that is not the whole truth: my experience at Tranquility Woods guided me the the right path and provided me with the tools to save my own life…Thank you TW!!!