"The selection of the program at Tranquility Woods was the best decision that we have ever made."
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My time at Tranquility Woods was well spent in this …

| Blair | annapolis, MD

My time at Tranquility Woods was well spent in this welcoming atmosphere. I feel alive. I’m back to the person I used to be, to the person I used to like. When thinking back over the last 2 years of my struggle, I never let go of anything. Things were very clouded. I’ve gotten back to my true self through the counseling, acupuncture, massage, yoga and physical fitness. This time here in treatment at TW has opened my eyes. Being more physically active, taking care of myself and gaining the tools to stick to this new path of hope and healing. I would strongly recommend Tranquility Woods to anyone!

Tranquility Woods is a facility that actually really cares.

| DH | Potomac, MD

Tranquility Woods is a facility that actually really cares. I loved my time there. I even extended my stay. I liked the staff, the house, the pool,the activities. The food was fabulous. There was a lot of one on one counseling. I liked that the groups were so small. I had previously went to a place with over 100 people and got nothing from it. I’d highly recommend TW to anyone, whether this is your first, fifth or tenth treatment. I have no doubt it will prove to be unlike any treatment experience you’ve had to date as it was for me. By far!!

The most amazing experience I ever had!

| Rosemarie Lawson | Monrovia, Md

I went into Tranquility Woods mad because of court. Then I met the most amazing counselors that worked me through my past and present issues. This place I feel in love with and didn’t want to leave. You become so attached to the people that have the same issues you do, that they became my new family and I loved everyone one of them. The food is a ten here and so is the massages, actupunture,and yoga. I have never felt so comfortable in a place as this. This was my home and I miss it. I love Tranquilty Woods and if you can go there do it you will not regret it!,,,,,

Tranquility Woods delivered on their promises and gave me …

| Diane Wollard | Hancock, MD

I am a young Baby Boomer and had been a problem drinker all of my adult life, a functioning alcoholic for a decade, and a full blown drunk for a year. I also have a long history of consistent physical and emotional truama resulting in severe PTSD. The multi-layered program at Tranquility Woods is why I gave it the five star rating, yet it is only a few years in the making. The people who established it wanted to offer the “best of every known effective therapy” to everyday people. They carefully developed this recovery program based on thorough research of what works. Instead of the pick and choose menu so many facilities I contacted offered. Treatment included 4-5 times a week of one on one counseling. Many more hours daily of diverse group sessions also gave a strong foundation of counseling treatment. The holistic program was given in many forms as is promised and was extremely effective in aiding my recovery. The dedication of the staff was beyond my expectations. This is a facility where the bar is placed high. The recovery process has depth and is focused on each individual. Therefore, it attracts and keeps quality people who are like minded. Upon my arrival I was desparate, totally broken, and determined to get everything I could out of my 28 days of recovery. The response of the staff was one of going above and beyond as if they were treating a family member. I was respected, treated with dignity, felt valued and cared for. I mattered to them and it enabled me to be vulnerable, emotional, honest, and partake of their well balanced programs. Bottom line is it works if you let it. It is the all inclusive recovery program that serves you many proven methods of therapies so that there is every chance of hitting your mark. I am continuing to amaze my husband, children and grandchildren with the changes. Not only am I steady on my path of being clean and sober, but my ttreatment program at Tranquility Woods gave me a huge beginning to my steady progress of effective mental health therapy. Thanks to all at Tranquility Woods for really caring and really delivering my life changing 28 days!

Excellent personalized recovery provides great tools for …

| Abby | Morgantown, WV

I am eternally grateful to the staff at Tranquility Woods for providing me with an excellent foundation to begin my recovery from alcoholism & stimulant addiction. While my stay was brief, I was provided with the tools and aftercare program I needed for a complete change of mindset regarding my addiction and psychiatric issues. The serene environment, therapeutic routines, careful integration of the 12-steps, and customized therapy is the perfect treatment for those of us suffering from poor self-worth and mental health from which addiction so often stems. Additionally, patients will love the luxury amenities such as massage therapy and beautiful rooms/decor for comfort in a difficult time. Thank you for saving my life! Ellen, Luke, Michelle, and the rest of the staff – you all are wonderful!