"The selection of the program at Tranquility Woods was the best decision that we have ever made."
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If you need treatment, Tranquility Woods is the place for …

| Matt | Annapolis, MD

If you need treatment, I would definitely recommend coming to Tranquility Woods. It is a GOOD place! It was fun and I learned so much . It was like school for adults on how to be a good person. ๐Ÿ™‚ This was my first treatment, but based on the conversations I had with other clients who had been to other facilities, it was the best possible choice. Tranquility Woods had the perfect balance between structure and relaxation. Despite all the hard work in counseling and in groups, it really had a relaxed vibe. Allowing us to listen to music, movie night, the hot tub and corn hole. All of these things really allowed for a healing few months. I will definitely be coming back for visits and enjoying the alumni opportunities.

Five star facility! Tranquility Woods exceeded all my …

| Former Client | Washington, DC

Five star facility! Tranquility Woods exceeded all my expectations the moment I walked through the door. Beautiful home located on a private wooded lot. Pool, hot tub,gym are great! Food is out of this world. Treatment was outstanding. I feel confident I can take what I have learned from all the great counselors and succeed on my road to recovery.

Thank you TW!!!

| Johnathan | Annapolis, MD

I believe it was a miracle that I ended up at Tranquility Woods. I’ve been suffering from chronic pain for many many years. I felt hopeless. Jonathan, the acupuncturist is a miracle worker. Dr. Dombrowski , the pain specialist helped me turn the corner of my chronic pain. I almost can’t believe it. If someone were to offer me a million dollars to go back to the way things were before coming into treatment here, I would stay broke! This group of strangers, both clients and staff alike turned into a family. Thank you TW!!!

The counseling alone would be worth coming here. The entire …

| Former Client | Baltimore, MD

The only thing I would change about my stay here at Tranquility woods would be, I’d add another week! I never thought I would be feeling that. The counseling alone would be worth coming here. The entire staff were all very helpful, caring and attentive. The food was unbelievable.~ Former client

This has been a blessing. I haven’t been this happy in 7 …

| Thayer | Annapolis, MD

I couldn’t have picked a better place. This was no mistake ~ the decision to come here, was no doubt exactly where I was supposed to be. The staff, being so responsive to my needs, made it as comfortable and as easy as possible. This is a rough time in someones life! The family counseling and the family sessions were so important. It gave my family a little peak into what I’m going through, what I WILL go through~ I’m so thankful for that. It opened their eyes and has allowed the healing to begin. This has been a blessing. I haven’t been this happy in 7 years.