Maryland Opiate Addiction Recovery


a highly addictive analgesic drug derived from morphine, often used illicitly as a narcotic producing euphoria.

Signs of Opiate Withdrawal
Aches, Chills, Runny Nose, Back Pain, Restlessness, Watery Eyes, Muscle Cramps, Fatigue, Weight Loss, Diarrhea, Sweating, Cramping

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Inpatient Addiction Center Serving the East Coast

Opiate drugs are more familiarly known as prescription painkillers, which are derived from opium. These drugs are closely related to the street drug heroin and have similar effects and withdrawal symptoms. Unfortunately, opiate abuse may be harder to identify than heroin abuse because of the easier accessibility of these pharmaceutical drugs. Prescription opioids also pose additional challenges in recovery due to the difficult symptoms of withdrawal that will arise in the first few days of treatment. Under the care of Tranquility Woods in Maryland, individuals suffering from opiate addiction can find support from the initial phase of detox all the way through relapse prevention with beautiful surroundings to promote a successful recovery.

Reported Opioid Related Overdoses In Anne Arundel County So Far This Year.

Last updated: August 20th, 2019

Total Opioid Related Overdoses

This is a 19.7% decrease from
the 776 overdoses YTD 2018.

Total Opioid Related Overdoses

This is a 22.7% decrease from
the 132 fatal overdoses YTD 2018.

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Opiate Detoxification

When recovering from opiate addiction, initial withdrawal symptoms will be treated with detox therapies that help to cleanse the body of built-up toxins and increase comfort during the toughest days of recovery. At Tranquility Woods, we combine medication with alternative therapies like massage, acupuncture, and infrared sauna therapy for a comprehensive approach to detoxification that will promote a more effective long-term recovery. At Tranquility woods we partner with the detox professionals that fit your needs best. We work closely with these professionals while combining alternative therapy such as a massage, acupuncture, and infrared sauna therapy for a more comfortable withdrawal and a more effective long-term recovery.

Long-Term Substance Abuse Recovery

Following detox, clients may still enjoy holistic alternative therapies as they begin to explore more concrete methods for healing and learning to live free of addiction. Here is a look at what our personalized recovery programs may include to achieve a clean lifestyle:

  • Dual diagnosis – Individuals who abuse prescription drugs are often suffering from other medical conditions, which may have been the cause for using opiates in the first place. Chronic pain, for example, is a common condition seen in prescription opiate users, and it is often more successfully treated with a comprehensive physical and mental approach rather than with the temporary fix of prescription drugs.
  • 12-Step programs – Originally adapted to Alcoholics Anonymous, the 12-step program has been successfully used in the treatment of other addictions with organizations like Narcotics Anonymous and Chemically Dependent Anonymous. These groups may be integral to long-term healing, since they offer a spiritual perspective on addiction along with the support of other addicts in every stage of recovery.
  • Healthy living guidelines – Your recovery may also include nutrition therapy and exercise therapy to boost your overall wellness and help you feel whole once again. With these guidelines for a healthier lifestyle, you can promote feelings of energy and happiness naturally, which will help you avoid relapse in the future.

If you are ready to face an addiction and begin the recovery process, or you are seeking treatment for a friend or loved one, call Tranquility Woods. For New Admissions, please call 410-885-6173 to explore our programs in further detail. All Other Inquiries dial 410-360-6600. Our luxurious Maryland facilities are designed to optimize comfort throughout recovery under the care of licensed, experienced professionals.



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