Traci Brautigan

Mental Health Therapist


Substance Abuse, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Psychodynamic and Emotion-Focused Therapy 

Masters in Social Work, Clinical Concentration in Mental/Behavioral Health

Traci is a Licensed Graduate Social Worker (LGSW) and an Addictions Specialist (CAC-AD). Traci graduated with Distinguished Honors from The University of Maryland with a Masters in Social Work, with a clinical concentration in Mental/Behavioral Health. She has worked in the mental health/substance abuse field for twelve years.

Traci is known for a warm, relaxed, and comfortable approach to counseling. She is a client centered counselor which means that she utilizes a variety of orientations and therapies, according to the individual needs of the client. Traci works with clients from a strength-based, positive, and affirming perspective. She uses a broad range of interventions to treat the most challenging issues, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Psychodynamic and Emotion-Focused Therapy. She works with clients to resolve emotional issues, learn self- esteem, and create a more meaningful purpose in one’s life. She notes “I consider it to be such a privilege to be able to work with clients at the most difficult times in their lives, and to travel the journey with them through sobriety, healing, change, and self-awareness.”

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