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Addiction intervention therapy is crucial for a recovery plan. One of the greatest gifts a loved one, friend or colleague can give someone is the gift of intervention. It can be and often is the gift of life.

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“You’ll learn more from failure than from success. Don’t let it stop you. Failure builds character.”

Intervention is an orchestrated plan by a family member friend or colleague to help someone seek professional help for an addiction. Very often, we see intervention postponed or delayed because family and friends think the affected person will be able to get the addiction under control them self or perhaps the person has not yet hit rock bottom. Waiting is almost always a mistake. It only makes the intervention and recovery process more difficult. If they could get better on their own they would have already done so.

The drug or alcohol affects the part of the brain that allows people to make rational decisions to get better. Seeking professional help is very important. A professional will ensure the intervention will proceed orderly and safe. The process must be orchestrated in a manner in which the individual understands the love, respect and support being offered. The loved one must also understand that there is no alternative but to move into professional recovery. Arrangements must already be in place. Very often it is convincing the person that he or she needs help, that is most difficult.

By careful planning and showing the loved one how his or her addiction is affecting him/herself and all those around them, they will be compelled to seek help.

At Tranquility Woods, we can help you with the intervention process. We are in contact with interventionists across the country and we can refer you to a person that will fit your needs best.

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