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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at a Glance

Addiction does not occur without underlying causes. It is often closely associated with emotional and behavioral challenges that can be addressed in treatment with the help of various modalities, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). During CBT, patients will build relationships with professional counselors, who work to instill trust in their patients. Through this process, patients work to uncover deeper emotional issues that need to be addressed to promote long-term success and sustainable sobriety.

Therapists in inpatient treatment programs, which offer one-on-one therapy, often use CBT as one of their models. Individual therapy sessions are a key component. CBT takes place within an inpatient treatment program, which should utilize one-on-one therapy as a significant part of the treatment process. Individual psychotherapy may comprise anywhere from 5-10 hours of treatment time each week, since it is essential for clients to identify their triggers for drug use and identify effective systematic techniques to change hazardous behaviors. As you seek out drug or alcohol addiction treatment in Maryland, you should look for a center offering CBT. In addition to other behavioral therapies and holistic treatments, there is a comprehensive approach that will pave the way to a drug-free lifestyle.


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