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How Alcohol Affects Your Brain

You may already know that alcoholism contributes to significant health problems, such as anemia, pancreatitis, cirrhosis of the liver and increases the risk certain cancers. But did you know that it also affects the way your brain uses neurotransmitters? When you check into a treatment center in Maryland for alcohol addiction, you can expect to explore the many ways alcohol affects your body and brain. For example, consuming even a small amount of alcohol suppresses the transmission of glutamate while enhancing the transmission of GABA, two types of neurotransmitters that can have a significant impact on how your brain functions.

Hear about the consequences of neurotransmitter imbalance by watching this video and discussing the issue with a counselor at your inpatient substance abuse treatment center. This video provides a straightforward explanation of how increases in GABA inhibit your ability to feel, perceive, remember, and think properly. These alarming changes in brain chemistry are just one of many reasons to seek help at a premier inpatient co-occuring program that integrates all of the most recognized and proven techniques available in addiction treatment.


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