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Strategies for Overcoming an Addiction to the Opiate Methadone

Methadone is a prescription drug that may be used to temporarily relieve severe pain. Unfortunately, like other opiates, it has a high potential for addiction. Overcoming an addiction to methadone isn’t as simple as merely going through drug detox. To truly overcome an addiction, an individual must be fully committed to 12 step programs near Maryland. By entering into an in-patient drug rehab, an individual can explore the underlying causes of his or her drug addiction and discover strategies for overcoming these challenges.

You can hear more about overcoming an addiction to methadone by watching this video, which features a psychiatrist and addiction specialist. He explains how friends and family members can help loved ones who are suspected of being addicted to methadone. He also discusses the importance of encouraging them to get help at an in-patient drug rehab program.