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Knowing The Signs Of Alcoholism

If you have a problem with alcohol, you can find the help you need at a substance abuse treatment center in Maryland. The first step in treatment is to recognize that you are struggling with alcoholism. One common sign of alcoholism is the need to consume increasing amounts of alcohol to feel the same effects. Another sign is not being able to just have one drink and “the need” to keep drinking. If you find that you are drinking far more than you used to, yet do not necessarily feel drunk or find yourself often not able to stop, you should consider getting help.

You can learn more about the common indicators of alcoholism by watching this brief video. It explains that alcoholics typically have a preoccupation with alcohol consumption. They find it difficult to limit their alcohol consumption and they may feel a compulsion to always finish a drink. They also frequently use alcohol to cope with stress or to improve mood. Contact an inpatient addiction treatment center to speak to someone about next steps and how would be best for you to move forward.

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