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The Basics Of Alcohol Addiction

Not all addictions involve illegal substances. In fact, one of the most common types of addiction that affects American adults is alcohol abuse. An estimated 8-9% of American adults have some type of problem with alcohol, which can create a challenging course of treatment. If you are struggling with alcohol addiction, or alcoholism, you can reestablish a sense of normalcy in your life with a substance abuse treatment program in Maryland that incorporates counseling, the 12-step program, spiritual therapies, and physical healing with modalities like massage and exercise. Keep reading to learn more about alcoholism and the process of breaking this addiction with professional care.

What defines alcoholism?

Because many people drink alcohol safely as part of social activities, it can be difficult to distinguish between what is normal and what may qualify as alcohol abuse or dependence. In general, individuals who consume four or more drinks per day, feel guilty about their drinking, or need to drink first thing in the morning may be considered alcoholics. You might also identify alcohol abuse when drinking is getting in the way of daily activities like work and family life.

What are the effects of alcohol abuse?

Alcohol can severely damage the body with prolonged abuse. Liver damage, memory loss, nerve damage, and cancer are all particularly common among individuals who suffer from alcohol addiction. Because the body builds a dependency on alcohol, withdrawal is especially challenging in addiction recovery, and it may actually be dangerous without appropriate care facilitated through your treatment center. To manage the effects of withdrawal, an assessment will take place to determine your medical care needs, and you will have access to therapies like infrared sauna sessions, massage, and acupuncture to curb uncomfortable symptoms.

How is alcohol addiction treated?

Alcoholism can differ from person to person, so a comprehensive assessment is needed to determine the right course of treatment on a case-by-case basis. Some of the basic components of alcohol addiction recovery may include one-on-one counseling to identify the underlying causes of alcohol abuse, spiritual healing with yoga and medication to improve focus and relaxation, and physical treatment with a cleansing nutritional program and guided exercise programs.

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