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Is Tranquility Woods Right For You?

Once you have determined that you are ready to face an addiction and seek treatment with a substance abuse treatment center in Maryland, your next step will be choosing the right center for your needs. Tranquility Woods may be the best choice if you are seeking a program that emphasizes one-on-one therapy with a personalized approach. Each patient is treated as an individual at Tranquility Woods, and there are customized inpatient programs available to address working professionals, co-occurring disorders, and other complex cases that may not be fit for outpatient programs.

In addition to medical treatments and counseling, patients can expect a full range of therapies designed to promote healing and recovery. Alternative treatment modalities such as meditation, hypnotherapy, infrared sauna sessions, massage, and acupuncture can ease the discomforts of addiction recovery and detox while incorporating a spiritual element into treatment. Nutritional therapy and exercise programs round out the treatment process by allowing the body to rid itself of toxins and become stronger throughout substance abuse recovery.

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