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A Look At The Detox Process

The process of eliminating substances from the body is known as drug detox. Detoxification in Maryland is an essential first step toward overcoming an addiction, because individuals with substance abuse problems are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms can be quite severe and can easily lead to relapse. Some examples of withdrawal symptoms include insomnia, hallucinations, shaking, anxiety, sweating, mood swings, nausea, headaches, and aches and pains. In the case of alcoholism, the withdrawal effects may even be deadly. It is critical for individuals to check into an inpatient drug rehab to undergo drug detox in a safe, controlled environment.

At an inpatient drug rehab, the individual can receive medication therapy designed to ease the effects of withdrawal. For example, an individual addicted to opioids might receive suboxone and methadone, which attaches to opioid receptors but does not provide the feelings of euphoria associated with opioid use. However, medication is not always necessary during the withdrawal process. Patients will have therapies tailored to their needs and supported by psychotherapy to ensure a healthy start to addiction recovery. With therapies like massage, meditation, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, and infrared sauna therapy, patients can curb the effects of withdrawal naturally within the supportive environment of a substance abuse treatment center. One-on-one counseling will also be helpful during this time to cope with the feelings of anxiety and depression that often arise during withdrawal.

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